Are You Calmed and Relaxed When You Trade?

Posted in Trading Commentary, Submitted by Trading Critic on Tue, 2006-05-16 04:08.

Once I have a trading plan, I follow it. I do not doubt or second-guess my plan. I meditate on my plan and picture myself carrying it out successfully, before I ever enter a trade. I really believe in mental imaging as being an important activity.

I enter and exit trades without worrying about the consequences. Worrying has never helped me to trade well. Worrying is wasted energy. By staying focused, I am able to see trading opportunities more easily, and that allows me to take advantage of the opportunities when they arise.

Trading is a lot like playing sports. Players must stay objective, calm, and not crack under the strain of wanting to be "the best" or "perfect." I am definitely not a perfectionist.

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