Are You Calmed and Relaxed When You Trade?

Posted in Trading Commentary, Submitted by Trading Critic on Tue, 2006-05-16 04:08.

I recall one year when college football fans observed what happens when a team seems to be playing "so perfectly" that some say they are "unbeatable." All season long, the Oklahoma Sooners had been winning, and winning big. They were the only undefeated college football team, until the day they lost by over three touchdowns to the Kansas State Wildcats. What's surprising about this loss is not that the Sooners lost, since even the best teams can lose occasionally. It was the way they lost and how they seemed to be defeated psychologically. After making their only touchdown in the early moments of the game, they seemed to be stunned and shaken for the rest of the game. They couldn't make even a single touchdown. It was unexpected and hard to believe. One commentator said it was like the bully who had never been beaten down. They knew how to win, but when upset and knocked down, they didn't know how to get back up. Sooners' Quarterback Jason White said, "They put pressure on us and got to us a few times." And as the clock ticked away, Kansas State made another touchdown, then another, and then another. During the final minutes of the game one announcer said of the Oklahoma team, "They just want to lick their wounds and go home."

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