Are You Calmed and Relaxed When You Trade?

Posted in Trading Commentary, Submitted by Trading Critic on Tue, 2006-05-16 04:08.

Sometimes I get some really strange questions in the mail. The one that follows is one of them. Although I try to be like "Rambo" when I trade, I haven't in actuality fully achieved "Rambo's" degree of "coolness."

"Joe, is it really true that you are able to stay calm and relaxed when you trade? Are you saying you have never cracked under pressure?"

There have been times when I made mistakes under pressure, but I don’t recall ever cracking under pressure. By that I mean I didn't panic, but I have come close. Being short soybeans when Chernobyl blew up was probably the closest. I've made huge errors in conduct - once I sat and lost $45,000 in a matter of minutes because I tried trading while teaching a student at the same time. Lesson learned: Never trade and teach at the same time. Stay focused on one or the other. I once woke up to a margin call of $21,000+, but it turned out in my favor. I had erroneously left a 5-lot in the market overnight - thinking I was flat - the result of sloppy housekeeping.

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