Why Trading Critic?

Posted in Miscellaneous, Submitted by Trading Critic on Fri, 2006-06-30 13:49.

Why does this blog exist? Why Trading Critic? Well, as it states in my about page:

The sole purpose and mission of this website is to educate and inform aspiring traders and experienced traders alike about the state of the retail trading industry.

Business is booming, and as a result of the Internet boom, trading through the world wide web has become more accessible to anyone with a phone line, modem and a computer. You can basically trade any market now in the world from the US markets, German, English, Australian and more. Trading stocks, options and other derivatives are growing at an exponential rate. Retail forex dealers are promoting their wares all over the world and is an industry experiencing explosive growth.

As a result of this boom, there is a risk that a lot of people will be misinformed or misled by companies or the system and I seek to help and inform those traders who want to know the real deal behind the trading industry.

Good Luck!

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