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Submitted by Trading Critic on Wed, 2006-06-28 13:09.

If you enjoyed one of my posts or have gone away having learnt something... or better yet, if you've made money from the idea please consider donating since this website does have operating costs and I do need the occasional feed!

Think of it as an investment for the future of this website. You pay for trading magazines, thousands of dollars for trading courses as well as for trading software. How about contributing to a trading website?

Click the button below if you would want to donate some money!

Clicking the button will take you to a secure website run by PayPal which is owned by eBay. If you don't feel safe transacting online to leave me a tip you can send it to me via cheque.

The address to send it to is:
PO Box 530
Bonnyrigg NSW 2177

Thanks in advance! ~ Marco

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