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A Day in the Life of a Forex Trader

Posted in Forex Trading, Submitted by Marco on Sat, 2006-04-08 02:10.

Are you looking into breaking into the field of professional foreign exchange trading? Or are you already a forex trader doing it regularly? Either way, this article may be of interest to you. The forex trader is a different breed of human being. They utilize the markets to earn a living everyday. We have a look into the insight of a day in the life of a forex trader.Any professional forex trader has the potential to make massive returns from their initial investment or on the nastier side any trader can make massive losses. It is not a game of chance, trading is a skill of emotional control and sound decision making. Traders have an understanding of market mechanics and their behaviour as a response of economic trends.Traders makes their living from taking advantage of price differences between the buy and sell price of currency pairs and more importantly they make their money by following the market trend. If you yourself have studies forex charts you may notice how the price fluctuates – there are only three directions the price can do: rise, fall or stay the same. Currency prices only stay the same if the currency value is not floated and fixed to a certain value. Traders make their money on the difference on price so the trader can either buy long and hope the currency rises or sell short as the currency drops in price and still makes a profit.The advanced forex trader waits for a new trade or rather waits for the right time to open a new trade by looking for the right indicators and signs to signal an entry into the foreign exchange market. There are two things that the forex trader can do at home to watch out for an entry signal: look at charts or wait for news. Traders watch for the right trending signals to enter a trade. And the primary rule for the trader is that ‘the trend is your friend.’ Stick to the trend and you won’t get hurt. Secondly, traders also watch the news. They must know what economic data is coming out on which days and what that data means to the future of the economy of the respective countries. If they don’t keep track of these facts and economic data and indicators they may find that some currencies are especially volatile during these news announcement events and see the market jump. The forex trader must be ready for these economic announcements to ensure they can anticipate the increased market activity.

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