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What is this website all about? If you're a trader - you've come to the right place.

Submitted by Trading Critic on Wed, 2006-08-02 13:17.

If you've found yourself on this website, it's highly likely that you are either:

    1. A trader;
      An individual looking into the prospect of trading; or
      An investor
  • This blog is written for active traders by an active trader. It is not a place where you will find recommendations, stock market updates or commentary, hot tips or any other financial advice.

    What is an active trader? Traders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. People give them different labels: swing traders, position traders and all other names that I couldn't care less about for this definition. An active trader is anyone who buys a security, an equity such as stocks, commodities or currency with the view of making a profit. The time horizon is irrelevant for this definition. You could be trading in the short term such as a few seconds, minutes or days to long term from months to years. But doesn't this clash with the definition of an investor? Yes and No. Yes, if you define an investor as someone with the view of buying and holding for the long term. No, if you view an investor who buys in the view of earning tax concessions and for an income stream from dividends.

    On this blog, you will hopefully find useful thoughts about trading the markets: such as the psychology behind trading. In future, there will be honest interviews from traders, reviews about trading services such as brokers and educational firms and trading software.

    Good luck!

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